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Would you like to be a Board Member?

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  • Discover Art & Peace

  • Have Compassionate FUN!!!

  • Feel a Sense of Happiness and Purpose

  • Be of Service to Others

      Consider collaborating with ArtWavEs, an established 501{c}3 group of educators, parents, and artists who are passionate about uplifting children through the arts. 

We are providing communities and schools a path to address the mental, emotional

and physical health of children through the arts and are seeking volunteers to join our dynamic Board of Directors.

     ArtWavEs {AWE} is looking for individuals with strong networking skills to assist with expanding ArtWavEs’ organizational reach. More specifically, we are interested in speaking with you if you have Legal, Financial, Media or Technical experience, but that is not essential. Your passion for children’s health matters most.

    Board members are actively involved in organizational governance and are expected to attend 4 Board meetings a year, participate in at least one Board committee, and assist with ongoing fundraising activities.

    ArtWavEs has reached thousands of youth and families with nutritious meals, art classes, mindful movement, song and dance experiences. Research shows that our work enriches the mental, emotional and physical health of children, waking up their optimism, confidence, and sense of agency.


Would you like to be a part of our mission as an esteemed Board Member? Let’s talk.

Share your voice with us. We’re listening!

Board of Directors Nominee Questionnaire

To be considered for board membership with Pacific ArtWavEs, please complete the questionnaire below. If you have any questions, contact Susan Minor at or

Thanks for applying to be a Board Member with us!  We'll get back to you soon.



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