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What do peace and kindness mean to you?

What is the Solution to World Peace?


Creating Peace

I am like the next Picasso! -Proud student working on "Peace" banner

The Importance of Play, Movement & Art


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” -- Fred (Mr.) Rogers


Physical activity helps children grow strong and healthy.
Running, jumping, climbing, rolling and catching helps build muscles, burns energy

Helps children eat and sleep better

Improves strength, coordination, endurance and balance


Children learn from Art & Food about the meanings of things in the world

Learn what words mean (stop – go; full – empty)

Learn about time and discover how things feel, taste, look and smell

Learn about art, science, math, music, nature, animals and people


Girls and boys begin to understand themselves and others

Act out feelings, learn to share, take turns, listen and follow rules

Discover meaning of leading and following

Understand what they like and don’t like

Pretend what it’s like to be someone else, like a farmer, doctor, mother, teacher, artist, comedian or fireman


ArtWavEs helps kids feel good about themselves

Easier to learn and create when relaxed and having fun

Kids become excited when they recognize that they can control their bodies and actions

They watch gratitude, truth, beauty and equanimity grow out of adversity

“I did it!” means “I feel good about me”


Expressive Arts and Play are practice for being a grown-up

Learn to pay attention and stick with a job

Face and solve problems, follow directions, learn right from wrong and not to cheat

Develop imagination.

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